Farm Diary May 2017

Despite several weeks of very dry conditions, the wheat is growing well on Hyde Hall farm in Chatham Green (although if anyone would like to do a rain dance it would be appreciated)

The fields have by now received all of their fertilisers for the year, so aside from a fungicide spray to protect them, it’s down to the sun and the rain to do the rest.

Farm staff have been busy with jobs such as cleaning out the grain stores to make sure they are fresh and ready to receive the next batch of grain, and weeding around the yards as well, although many botanists would say there is no such things as a weed, just a plant growing in the wrong place! Speaking of which, Farm Manager Andrew Cook has been assisting the Education Officer to prepare a second log circle in the woods ready for the start of our new Forest School (Sat June 24th )  – helping her tackle some of the dense carpet of nettles in the middle of the wood. Nettles are themselves a very important habitat for butterflies and moths, so the team have only removed a small area to avoid them brushing little legs.

Andrew Cook also took part in a recent Field to Fork workshop, helping pupils from Canon Barnett school in London figure out the wheat lifecycle!

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