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The Chatham Green Project is a conservation and education initiative on 400 acres of farmland in the heart of Essex. Focused on sustainable land use, the project investigates how we can utilise the land more effectively to better balance the 21st century needs of communities, farming and nature. Through this initiative, we aim to educate over 3,000 school aged pupils each year. In addition to this we operate an environmental monitoring programme to record the changes in the land over time.

Our education programme

The world is a complex and dynamically changing place where people interact with their environment in a number of different ways. The British countryside is a place where that complex interaction takes place most often. Almost 70% of the British countryside is farmland which is a stark reminder of the importance farming has in our lives. In addition to this our world population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 which places even more strain on the complex relationship between farming, nature and people. As a result of this, natural resources will be become increasingly precious, increasingly sought after and increasingly threatened.

The objective of this programme is to educate learners about these issues and allow them to explore difficult questions such as:

  • How can we produce enough food in a sustainable way to feed an ever growing population?
  • What are the impacts on nature from farming and can there be a balance?
  • How important is nature in our lives?

The Chatham Green Project is an outdoor living classroom split into several learning zones with a purpose built activity area. Delivered both indoors and outdoors, the curriculum is relevant to a range of subjects including:

  • Sciences
  • Geography
  • English
  • PSHE
  • Citizenship
  • Art

We have a number of key concepts that our education programme is broken down into:

  • Global Change
  • Interdependence
  • Conservation
  • Fork to Plate Processes
  • Sustainability
  • Culture and Heritage

Through enjoyable experiential learning activities, visiting groups spend valuable time outdoors connected to nature, building a greater understanding of these key concepts.

Programmes and activities are delivered by our Education Team.   To discuss further how we can support delivery of your curriculum please contact Jenna or Richard on 0300 123 3073 or get in touch by email.   We look forward to hearing from you.